When considering Neferu for your mares, we encourage you to ask yourself, "What is the value of his pedigree?"

Bred by Dr. William Hudson of Zandai Arabians and sired by the legendary Imperial Al Kamar who has successfully produced excellent sons and daughters, Neferu has a breeder's pedigree demonstrated by the combined strength of the bloodlines of his sire and dam.

When we look at Neferu's sire line, we see Imperial Al Kamar, El Hilal, Ansata Ibn Halima and Nazeer, who individually produced dynasties across multiple generations. Neferu's pedigree contains 7 crosses to the great Ansata Ibn Halima.

His dam, Zandai Bint Zeidan, is a granddaughter of the champion producing Anaza El Farid who is the sire of Ghazal Al Shaqab and ZT Faiq and the grandsire of Marwan Al Shaqab. All of these legendary stallions have demonstrated their prepotency in breeding programs worldwide. Their get and grandget continue to dominate the show ring and breeding shed.

Zandai Bint Zeidan's tail female line goes to one of the five imported Nazeer daughters, Ansata Bint Zaafarana. Influential sires with this tail female line include Ansata Abu Nazeer, Ansata Ali Pasha and Ansata El Nisr. More recently, the 2014 Egyptian Event Silver Champion Stallion, REA El Kaream, traces to Ansata Zaafarana. Additionally, Neferu's pedigree offers the influential mare lines of Halima, Nefissa, Serenity Sonbolah, Bint Magidaa and 2 lines to *Deenaa and Bukra, respectively. To have such a high percentage of the some of the greatest mares ever bred in his pedigree, Neferu is genetically predisposed to producing on what his ancestors and have successfully done before him.

SE Legacy Bloodstock is proud to build our next generation from the genetic wealth that is Zandai Neferu.

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